Costco Warehouse Natomas Signage Amendment

The Planning Division has received a new development application. Please see the information below about project file number Z24-001. The application materials can be accessed from the ATTACHMENTS link below.

Please send your written comments to by 2/13/2024. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about the project or issues accessing the application materials.

Project Name: Costco Warehouse Natomas Signage Amendment
Project Summary: A request for: 1) PUD Amendment to the signage guidelines for large retail stores over 100,000 square feet in Quadrant C of the Natomas Crossing Area #3 Planned Unit Development.


Requires Director-Level Approval

Project Location: 3881 E Commerce Way
Council District: 3 – Karina Talamantes
Assessor Parcel Number: 225-2300-031-0000
Applicant Name: Mike Knoff, MG2
Applicant Phone Number: 206-962-6619
Applicant Email:
Natomas Chamber of Commerce,
Natomas Community Association,
North Natomas Community Association,
North Natomas Community Coalition,
Witter Ranch Community Alliance
Citizen Portal Accela Citizen Access (Attachments can be accessed through the “Record Info” tab)

Jose R. Quintanilla
Associate Planner, North Area (N. Natomas, S. Natomas, N. Sacramento)

Planning Division, Community Development Department
300 Richards Blvd., 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 808-5879 |

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